Saturday, October 28, 2006


Don't get too excited until you read the next sentence, but all of the 5 fertilised overnight. One of the 5, however, was a bit of a party egg and decided to invite not one, but three swimmers in to play. That meant that this morning, there she was ... busted ... with four pronucleii as evidence of her indiscretions! The other 4 were well-behaved and modest eggs and looked exactly as they should, ready (fingers crossed) to keep growing and dividing into the future.

Despite the strangeness of the news, however, I feel good about it. Even though there are only 4, it's a far better fertilisation rate than either of my two previous cycles. Only one less than my last cycle (with 10 retreived) and only three less than the first that actually resulted in a pregnancy (and I retreived 13 eggs that time). I'm not entirely sure, but it seems to indicate that the quality of these eggs, whilst smaller in number, are better in quality. Or perhaps I'm just fooling myself. Monday will give me more information to base my decision on.

Tonight, I am supposed to be going to a 30th birthday party of one of AB's colleagues. Really, I'd rather be hibernating at home and catching up on my latest trashy mag stash. It's very cold here today and I think it's meant to be an outdoor event. AB will be in his element and I'll have to stand around with heavy ovaries making small talk while he's off being the social butterfly. He loves a party and, normally, I do also. Today, though, I'm not enthused at all. If it was closer, I would go for a while and then come home, leaving AB to catch a cab, but it's just a bit too far away for that. And even though AB is half expecting me not to go, I still feel like I'm letting him down a little.

So, anyway ... 4 embryos. Not many, but hopefully enough. Part of my ambivalence remains, although I have changed with the news. They're mine. They're ours. I feel protective towards them and I want them to live. I want to check in on them and tuck them in to sleep. To read them a story and kiss them on the forehead as they drift off to dream. I feel for them, all alone in the lab. I want them inside me right now. I want to see them smile.

Should I be a party egg tonight?

More importantly, what have I got to wear??!


At 7:30 pm, Anonymous Nina said...

4 is good. I completely agree, 4 eggs of good quality is definitely better than many of lesser quality.

Hope you find something to wear, isn't it strange how one never has anything suitable to wear when it's needed?

Take care!

At 8:16 pm, Anonymous Meri-ann said...

4 is a nice number- and as for the party egg I had one of those on my 2nd or 3rd cycle! Tramps! My nurse had never seen anything like it!

What day are you transferring and how many are going in???

At 11:32 pm, Blogger Thalia said...

sounds like they are doing great.

If it was me I wouldn't go to the party, but my husband already knows I am a party-pooper.

At 12:32 am, Anonymous lassie said...

I also felt really protective of my eggs when they started fertilizing and dividing. Kind of like I missed them and was sad they were in a sterile lab across town.

As far as the party, I'd go with comfort clothing and make a plan with AB to leave early. Then if you get there and love it, you could stay.

At 3:29 am, Blogger Hopeful Mother said...

As a fellow "slow and steady" egg maker, I'm going to have to agree and say that having 4 great eggs/embryos is the way to go.

That is funny about your "party egg!" Since mine are fertilized with ICSI there is no way for it to happen, but I wonder if there is always one in the batch that is a bit promiscuous...!

I felt protective of my embryos once they called and told me of their existence. Isn't that funny how that is?

I hope you do OK at the party, and have some great embies for transfer! Cheering you on from the other side of the world!

At 9:24 am, Blogger Kris said...

I think there's at least one in each cycle- in mine, she partied too much with a bong and just fell asleep. But your slutty egg has 4 good-girl sisters, which sounds great. Good luck with the transfer.

At 11:49 am, Blogger Sparkle said...

Well ... just throw on the little black dress ... with a duffle coat in this weather!

Great fertilisation. Roll on Monday. Hey they get the benefit of daylight savings!

At 12:03 pm, Anonymous Jen said...

did you see/hear what happened to the egg that partied too much? yes it exploded stay home read trashy books and drink hot choc's, let AB go to the party, well that's what i'd do anyway

great fert rate!

At 9:50 pm, Blogger VanillaDreams said...

Hey, congrats on the fertilization! That sounds really excellent -- I had to laugh at your description of the "party egg" though -- pretty cute!!

I have to say I always feel a little pull towards Seattle, where our embryos are in frozen storage -- they are hundreds and hundreds of miles away, but if I see a photo of Seattle or something on TV about Seattle, I always have a thought cross the back of my mind about our embryos being waaaaay over there!

Good luck on the embryos -- and if I were you, I'd stay home...but that's just me. ;)

Take care,

At 6:06 am, Blogger Zee said...

Hey Stella! Congrats on the Fertile Four. Sorry about Slutty Number Five, though. A few beers, a little sweet talk, and she's up for anything. Ah, those were the days, eh? ;-)

Anyway, since it's after the party as I write this, I hope you found something fun to wear and had a really good time.

I'll be thinking of you and the embies as transfer time draws nigh. I hope this one does the trick!

At 9:29 am, Blogger Emmie said...

Yay for your three embryos! After my fertilization report, I asked H what he thought our embryos were doing and he sang that old "We're having a party" song that I think Rod Stewart remade. I hope that's what your embryos are doing right now--dividing the night away...

At 10:19 pm, Blogger Bea said...

I guess today was the update day? How'd you go?

I was going to say the good fertilisation rate sounds hopeful to me. We've decided our next cycle will be a low-stim cycle, as the most likely explanation for our trashed embryos is overstimulation. The people who have the lowest stims seem to be the people who've had the most success, at least around me at the moment.


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