Friday, August 04, 2006

4 Things

Not much going on here really. They don't check on my bubbles until tomorrow morning and transfer is on Monday. Thalia asked if I would be taking them all to blast - that's standard procedure at my clinic, unless tomorrow's checking doesn't look so good and they will call me in then to whip them in straight away (or perhaps, glide them in gently, or torture my twisted cervix- take your pick).

I'm nervous but not thinking about tomorrow's call. I'll just have to wait and see what happens from there.

AB and I have been invited to a wine evening tonight with Mr and Mrs Designer Lifestyle. I'm excited to be going (although won't be actually drinking anything!) but I am absolutely MISERABLE about the fact that none of my clothes fit me. Clothes that were fine just a few months ago are unable to be done up and I feel like a overstretched sausage in all but my track pants. It's DREADFUL! And I can't believe how fast it has happened. These hormones (injected and the natural ones from the pregnancy) really do have an impact. If this cycle doesn't work I will be seriously having a break to get myself physically and emotionally back in shape again.

But now, the 4 Things tag:

4 jobs I have had in my life:
  1. Bank Teller - when I first left school I worked in a bank for 2 years before I went to uni. I was only 17 and really wanted to earn some money and prepare my portfolio for my application to uni (I studied Fine Arts and Education).
  2. Door Chick - while I was at uni I had 2 jobs - in one of them I worked at a local pub that had bands and I used to have to take money and stamp the arms of patrons. I also used to have to check for ID and had my friendly Maori bouncer, Monster, beside me to turf them out if they didn't toe the line.
  3. Department Store cashier and sales - this was my other uni job. I was in what was known as the 'Flying Squad' (wanky name, very Top Gun, I know) and got to work in a different department each shift. I used to LOVE the toy department.
  4. Teacher - this has been my job now for the past 16 years (OH MY GOD!!). I have moved from being a visual arts/photography teacher to teaching sociology, history, english and geography. I love this as I have learned new stuff with each new subject I have taken on.
4 movies I watch over and over:
  1. The Rocky Horror Picture Show - my sister and I used to watch this obsessively when we lived together during uni. We used to dress up and test new boyfriends by their ability to cope with us dancing around the living room.
  2. The Castle - wouldn't truly be understood by anyone who wasn't Australian. Full of dry, 'ocker' humour and quite a few phrases which have made it into the speech patterns of quite a few of my friends. "Tell 'em they're dreaming ..."
  3. Shrek - not by choice (even though I think it's hilarious) but we teach this as an animation study to Year 7 English. I watch it is whole and then in several parts about 20 times each year.
  4. Moulin Rouge - the theatre, the costumes, the sets - it's like an artwork come to life and I love it. The singing is OK too, but it's really the visual of this movie that I love so much.
4 places I have lived:
  1. Sydney, Australia - I have lived in about 15 different places in Sydney which is where I was born and raised.
  2. Small city, not far from Sydney - I moved here after my divorce and met AdventureBoy (after a bit) and have been here ever since (sorry I couldn't be more specific, but I really don't want any accidental browsers to make any connections).
  3. I also spent a few months of every year in Byron Bay while I was with the Wrong One. His mother had a holiday place up there and I would go there every uni and then school holiday for nearly 10 years.
  4. That's it, but maybe I could share a few of AB's? He has lived in London, Meribel, Corsica, Turkey and Sardinia), as well as being born and raised and then returning to small city of point 2.
4 TV programs that I love:
  1. Northern Exposure - I know it's not even on air anymore, but it's one of my favourite programs ever. I have the first 3 seasons on DVD and watch at least one episode every week.
  2. 24 - that one's AB's fault. I never would have started, but it's so damn addictive. We have just finished the current season here and it's so set up for another one. More late nights!
  3. Big Brother - yes, I know it's daggy, but I watch it every year without fail. I started watching it in the first year with Year 12 Society and Culture and have been stuck with it ever since.
  4. Doc Martin - set in a gorgeous small English seaside village with a grumpy doctor who hates everyone. Similar in some ways to House (which I also love).
4 places I have been on vacation:
  1. Canada - I spent a month skiing in Whistler with the Wrong One. It was beautiful and fun and I loved every bit of it. It is the only time in my life that I actually had a washboard stomach ... ahhh ... those were the days ...
  2. Italy - again, with the Wrong One (the first time, anyway). We spent 6 weeks there living with various member sof his family in Rome, Ferrara, Castelfrentano and Sicily. I could live there without hesitation. I love everything about it.
  3. Malta - my mother is Maltese and we went there a few years ago when I was on my own. It was a great trip, and I left them and went to Paris for the third time to spend a week on my own.
  4. Meribel - AB and I went there for our honeymoon. This is where he lived for 6 years during winter seasons and it was so much fun revisiting his past (and getting a few weeks of skiing in the process). Mr and Mrs Designer Lifestyle met us there as well and it is still the source of many memories and stories today.
4 websites I visit daily:
  1. My school site - links to classes, email, activities etc.
  2. Lots of blogs - I love you guys ...
  3. Uni - to check on lots of stuff there, as well as the Library databases which are my best friends!
  4. aaahh ... depends on the day ... the bank, ebay, other shopping sites etc.
running out of time now ... gotta get ready for night out ... eek ...

4 of my favourite foods:
  1. Organic vegies from my garden - I love the taste, the smell, the concept - all of it. Nothing can compare to a meal prepared by me from seed to table. At the moment, I am in a snow pea glut, so plenty of stir fries and they're also delicious straight from the plant.
  2. Yoghurt - I make my own yoghurt as well (I not a total hippy, but I love being in control of my own food). I like it best with a passionfruit squeezed into it ... mmm ... yumm ...
  3. Plums and mandarins - when we were kids we had two plum trees and a mandarin tree. I used to spend hours sitting in the biggest plum tree, reading books and eating enough plums to make me sick. To this day they are still my favourite fruits and I buy them in bulk whenever they are in season.
  4. Dark chocolate - the bittersweet, the texture ... I think I'm drooling now!!

OK - now I've really run out of time! I'll have to add to it tomorrow morning. AB will be VERY cranky if I'm late.

Right - I'm just home now - it's about 1am - but I wanted to finish this (how's that for dedication?).

4 places I would rather be right now:
  1. In bed ... just joking ... in a labour ward, having just given birth to my healthy baby bubble. Everyone is crowding around me with tears and hugs and you are all there too. :)
  2. Back in Paris. I would visit the galleries every morning and do something constructive every day. I would cook, would read, I would study, I would love. Oh, a wonderful place to be.
  3. It's a hard question this one... I love where I live ... but I wish things were different. All of my 'would rather be's' involve the family I don't have yet.
  4. Skiing somewhere. Somewhere cold and frosty and where I need to wear warm woollen mittens. Winter is truly my favourite season.
4 favourite band / singers:
  1. I think I will do this in categories as ther are so many different bands that I like - the first will be the 'old guard' - the music I used to listen to when I was younger - Jane's Addiction; The Ramones; Placebo; REM; Concrete Blonde; Sonic Youth etc. - I have seen all of these bands on tours to Australia and I feel inredibly old about some of them!!
  2. What my sister calls the 'strum strum' boys - Jack Johnson; Eagle Eye Cherry; Dave Murray; Ben Harper etc. - good, beautiful listening (and not bad to look at either).
  3. The chicks - Norah Jones; Ella Fitzgerald; Billie Holiday; Courtney Love; Missy Higgins; Nina Simone; Edith Pfiaf; Aretha Franklin.
  4. All jazz and blues and the occasional classical tune. I don't know enough to know who it is that I like, but I know that I like it.
4 people I would like to tag:

As I am not sure who is interested or already been tagged, I will nominate the following, but all, please join in if you are looking to fill in time:
  1. Meg
  2. Zee
  3. Vee
  4. Bea
If you don't feel like joining in, don't stress. Do what you can, if you wish. If I haven't named you (and really, it's just because there's so many of you) please feel free to play. We all need the distraction sometimes.

By the way ... I had 2 glasses of wine tonight and I feel rather tipsy. It's amazing how abstinence can affect you as well.

Goodnight. :)


At 9:03 pm, Blogger Meg said...

Stell - Your own yoguert... can you send me how you do it? I love stuff like that too (also mild hippy leanings here)

At 12:21 pm, Blogger Mary Ellen and Steve said...

I hope that your little embryos are doing well tomorrow when they check on them. Keep us posted, and have fun tonight!

At 3:21 pm, Blogger Zee said...

Hey Stella! Isn't it funny that you tagged me and I tagged you just after we'd already been tagged by Watson and done our posts? Great minds think alike, I guess. ;-) But it was a lot of fun to read your meme. I'd actually forgotten about Jane's Addiction. I used to listen to them a lot in my past life. Concrete Blonde too. WOW.

And organic gardening. {Sigh} When I was a kid we had a big organic garden at my parents' house.(Composting and planting fish heads for fertilizer and all that.) Now I get my veggies from farmers markets and belong to the CSA program of a local farm--but you're right, it's not the same relationship as seed to plate. I envy you your glut of snow peas!

Anyway, I'm hoping your call is good news. And I'm preparing a big shipment of good thoughts for you for Monday's transfer!

At 3:25 pm, Blogger Vee said...

Well done on your list, it is always nice to get to know fellow bloggers a little better.

I have bought a yoghurt maker and all its bits and have yet to make it.

I might hold off on doing this list maybe give me something to do during my next 2ww.

I hope those embies are doing well.

At 4:38 am, Blogger Courtney said...

Shrek is suck a good movie!!!! I hope you get good news!

What is tag? Is it similar to the game my students play?

At 11:12 am, Blogger The Town Criers said...

Thanks for the nice words on my blog!

Ha! I was also an English teacher for 6 years--but you would never know from all of my typos. My mum is constantly writing me and saying, "uh...did you mean "there" instead of "their" in that third paragraph." count you in...for a write up? Please please with sugar on top?

It's a huge undertaking, but it's also my heart. Do you know what I mean? It doesn't feel like work or overwhelming because I get so much out of it and it gives me comfort. It's a strange thing to feel a connection to a problem. But...I don't know. It makes me want to solve it. I've always told my husband that when we're rich, rich, rich, we're going to start the Stirrup-Queens-Getting-You-Knocked-Up fund to get fertility treatments accessible to everyone. Until that day, at least I can offer information and emotional comfort.


At 11:14 am, Blogger The Town Criers said...

Wishing you a very easy and successful transfer on Monday. Grow and divide, little embies.

At 11:24 am, Blogger Bea said...

Stella, I'm assuming everything went ok on Saturday and now you're waiting til Monday transfer. So good luck!

Have a glass of wine for me tonight. After all - it'll help you "relax" and we all know how important that is...

I will get to the meme sometime. Just give me a bit.



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