Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I'm just home from the surgery now, feeling a little dizzy and ready to sleep again (which I will do in just about 5 more minutes).

I was right and she was wrong. Silly grumpy cow.

Of course now I think that perhaps she could have been wrong about other things, but when Dr Challenge came to see me following the procedure, he reassured me that while she was wrong about the fibroid, he was absolutley certain that the pregnancy was definitely fated to end. He said, absolutely no fibroid in what he described as a 'pristine cavity'. Perfect he said. Ready. Especially since I only had the D&C 2 weeks ago. He even said he has a video to show me about it when I go in for my post-op visit next week.

I wonder if I should bring popcorn?

I feel so wonderfully relieved right now, but I think I just need to have a little nap ...


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