Friday, March 24, 2006

Saint Anne

I had a phone call from Saint Anne from the clinic. Her gentle voice and genuine inquiry brought tears. I didn't let them be known - I have always been much too in control for that kind of thing. I remember as a child, NEVER allowing anyone to see me weak and with tears. Nothing could be seen to upset me (in my eyes at least). I really don't think I was tough, but I never wanted to be the butt of anyones joke.

And now, it's all happening and my transfer is on Monday at 9.30am. Well that's made that decision for me ... day off for sure!!

And I forgot about the fact that I get a phone call tomorrow morning to let me know how the 7 are going. I worry about them on their own. Saint Anne told me that they don't even look at them until then! The dying are gone and shrivelled before they are even looked at. I love them, no matter how long they last. Those little pieces of AdventureBoy and me. Together, perhaps meeting for the very first time.

I sometimes think about that. Have they met before and never found the best place to set up a home? Or have they waited in different meeting spots and never known where to look? I think about AdventureBoy's adventurous boys ... have they been following the right directions or getting lost on the way?

I think it's too hard to keep thinking.

But I'll do it nonetheless.

More about the Carnival tomorrow.


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